Paddy Power Casino Review

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As the name suggests, Paddy Power Casino is an Irish dedicated online casino which is increasing in popularity not only with players from the Republic of Ireland but also with players from other European Countries including the United Kingdom.
Paddy Power Casino has recently made major improvements to their online site based on their players’ needs and wants showing that they do take their players’ suggestions into consideration. However although some changes have been made to the website, its theme has still remained the same as one from Ireland.

Paddy Power proves to be a trustworthy, just and legitimate online casino and its reputation of having high pay outs has also reached the attention of the Stock Exchange. All its players need not worry however of any sensitive data which is provided to this online casino as all information is stored in its safe and secure servers. None of this information can be accessed by any third parties and are only used as a reference to assist their players.

Something to take note of is the fact that Paddy Power Casino have upgraded their games only recently. They are now offering players the opportunity to choose from over 200 new games comprised from exciting new brands. These games provide further animation, graphics and sound effect which make it so much more fun for players to enjoy the games.
Also, another change that has taken place on the Paddy Power Casino website is the fact that when a player has already created an account with Paddy Power Casino, and has begun playing in his / her logged in account, their page automatically remembers the most frequent games they have visited and gives the player the ability to save these games on their site. However it is important to note that this does not mean that they are stored on the computer but they are simply stored on the internet version of their online account. This way the player can access their favourite games from their logged in account from any computer and anywhere and anytime.

One of the special promotions of Paddy Power Casino is that they offer any players who have already registered the ability to join their ‘Casino Club’. Being that Paddy Power Casino are constantly looking to provide their players with the best promotional offers and bonuses (whether to first time players or frequent players), they have come up with this program in order to help players increase their winnings. How does it work? A Player will join the club and go through various levels of betting while collecting points alongs the way. There are various levels to reach ranging from levels 1 to VIP. Once a player has reached a certain level they will get the opportunity to exchange these points for cash which can go straight to the player’s cumulative balance increasing his / her overall winnings.

As mentioned earlier Paddy Power Online Casino offers over two hundred various games and all of them provide high quality entertainment within their virtual games. Amongst the games which are included are various video slot machines with brand new titles depicted from well known movies such as Gladiator, the Incredible Hulk, Blade among other similar-themed games. This section includes a variety of games where the jackpots can include cumulative jackpots reaching millions. Apart from its online casino which provides more games such as virtual Roulette, Blackjack, Card and table games, Video poker and games of leisure such as Heads or Tails, Spin a Win, Rock Paper scissors and many more games, Paddy Power also has another version of its website. The other websites include sports betting, and poker tournaments. However in order to view further details on some of these games you can check out our Irish Casino Games Review or else you may visit the individual websites and play the games on a trial basis.

One of the greatest things that Paddy Power Casino’s games offer is that you do not need to download any of their games in order to play them. So much so that if you want to try out their games before making a decision all you would need to do is find their website from your internet browser and click on any game you wish and begin playing with virtual money. This gives you the opportunity to check out the stakes and rules of each individual game to see if you like them. The only way Paddy Power Casino allows a player to do this is because its games do not require you to download them prior to playing them. This way you are not limiting yourself to only playing from one computer and you can access Paddy Power Casino’s website from anywhere you may be and from any computer you so choose. In the case of downloading, you would need to install the individual games and you would need to wait some time until these games are downloaded.

The rules and regulations of Paddy Power online casino prohibit anyone from opening more than one account. You may also check out our Irish Casino Bonus Review for further general rules in obtaining bonuses. Opening an account takes very little of your time; a mere few minutes and by doing so you will take immediate advantage of Paddy Power Casino’s amazing welcome bonus. This bonus can only be received once per player per account and therefore is one of the best bonuses you can receive as the welcome bonus is quite competitive among online casinos. Paddy Power Online Casino also offers constant bonuses whether daily, monthly, weekly or randomly and only be registering will you get the chance to participate in these great offers.

We recommend that you give Paddy Power Casino a try as it is one of most recommended online casino based on our Best Irish Casino Review. You free to contact us should you have any questions or queries on the matters of our reviews and we would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.