Irish Casino Games Review

Each and every online casino in our Best Irish Casino Review includes hundreds of games within their online casino sites. Each of them includes the most popular games on the market and provides games with unbelievable graphics, animation and sound effects. Each one of these games is themed accordingly and they provide the best kind of entertainment that any online casino is expected to provide. Knowing that most of our readers depend on online casinos to satisfy their gaming likes and needs all these online casinos provide the best on the market.

Among the games being provided, there are multiple games of chance including the popular slots and slot machine, live table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, Poker, virtual games of all sorts including card games and of course Bongo, Keno, Deal or No deal and many many more.

Each of the games provided by our Best Irish Casinos, are on a no-download basis which means that you can access and play these games immediately without needing to install any programs as long as you already have Java software installed on your computer. This way all you would need to do in order to access these games would be to open your internet browser log into your account (or simply find the website) and click on any game you like and start playing straight away; whether you play with free money or real money. This way it enables you to access the online casino games from any computer and in any place and time. By doing so you are not imprinting any games within your computer’s memories and all your games are saved in your online account which you can access from any computer you wish. What could be better than that!

In this section of our review we will be providing you with a brief explanation on the most popular games which we believe are the best in all of the said online casinos. We have selected these games as they are the ones which accumulate the most jackpots and their uniqueness in each online casino is something to look forward to playing. You may find further details and descriptions on the Irish Casino Bonus Review for details on the types of bonuses you may receive together with these games and you may select to read a review on each individual online casino we recommend from our All Irish Casino Review, Ladbrokes Casino Review and Paddy Power Casino Review.

Slots/Video Slots

These are the most popular online casino games there are. These games can only be found online and none of the land-based casinos offer the same kind of slots / video slots. The difference between these two types of slots is that slots are the classic fruit machines with 3-reels, while the video slots are the new and innovative 5-reel slots. Each one of these new video slots provides high-end graphics and animation that no other slot machine can provide. They provide you with interaction with the characters within the game making them more fun and exciting as you play along. With the various types of slots, you would be able to get the chance to win major jackpots with the help of free spins, Wild symbols and Scatter symbols. Since each online casino has a vast array of slots and video slots it would be very hard to mention all of them, but to give you some examples of some of the popular ones you would find would be X-Men, Baker Street, Jack and the Beanstalk and such themed video slots. While in the meantime the classic slots have simpler animation they still provide the winning symbols and give you a wide choice of winning possibilities.

Poker games

The most popular of these poker games is Texas Hold’em however our recommended online casinos also offer various other types of Poker games. In some cases you also have the ability to join Poker tournaments online. Wow! In any poker game, all you would need to do is bet on the best poker hand that you can from the cards which are dealt to you. Most of these poker games are quite simple and easy to understand and you can access their rules at any given time. You also have various table limit games available which are open to any player depending on their choice of skill and betting range.

Live / Virtual Roulette

Most of these online casinos provide the games of European Roulette. The aim of Roulette however remains the same. All you need to do is predict the winning number when the ball is spun in the spinning wheel. This spinning wheel has a sequence of various numbers and whichever one the ball lands on is the winning number. If in turn your prediction has come true and you have actually bet on this number, you can win large sums of money. In some of the online casinos you are given the choice of whether you wish to play in the live or virtual version of the Roulette game. In both cases the set up is the same and the only difference is that in the virtual version you get to play against a computer generated dealer while in the live version you get to play against a real live dealer who spins the ball and you get to see (through live transmission) the ball being spun.

Live / Virtual Blackjack

In some online casinos you have the choice of whether you wish to play in the virtual or the live game of Blackjack. In the virtual version of Blackjack you are playing against the computerized dealer while in the live version you get to play against a live dealer. In some cases in the live version you get to pick when you should be hit with another card and in other cases you do not as the dealers follow certain rules. This all depends on the place from where the transmission is being sent. Usually if the transmission is from a private room where the dealer is only playing with you and nobody else you may get to choose your cards. If the transmission is made from a land-based casino where the dealer is also playing with players at the actual table you do not get the chance to choose your cards. However the objective of the game still remains the same. All you need to do is be dealt a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding 21 points

Live / Virtual Baccarat

This game is also provided with two choices by various online casinos. The choice is whether you wish to play in the virtual or live version of Baccarat. The objective of the game remains the same in both cases and is very simple to understand. All you need to do is predict which hand you think will win by betting on either Player, Bank or Tie. The difference between the live and virtual version is that the virtual game is played against a virtual computerized dealer while the live game is played against a real dealer. In both cases the point system and the objectives remain the same. If you are not quite sure on how the point system works with Baccarat (which can get a little complicated if you are new to the game) there are a set of rules and a summary of points available during the game in each online casino.

Online Bingo

This is one of the most popular games played in actual real Bingo Halls. However certain conditions have been making it difficult for certain players to enjoy a fun game of Bingo and the online versions of this game are beginning to become more popular. The objectives are the same as you if you would be playing in an actual hall. You would need to obtain a Bingo by filling all your card with the numbers which would have been drawn in order to win the large jackpot. The numbers are called out just like in a Bing Hall and the cards are set up in a similar way. There are various game limits to choose from and a player can purchase various cards with different values. The best part about this online game is that you could still do it from the comfort of your own home and some online casinos give you the chance to chat with fellow players playing the same game so that you get the feel of an actual Bingo Hall.